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Why does Evolve exist?

We started the business from a blank sheet of paper back in 2004. We had no clients and no financial backers but we had an exciting vision. We wanted to change people’s financial futures, to give them confidence about their finances, to help them make the right decisions for themselves and for their families. We believed that helping clients make the right financial decisions wasn’t just about numbers.

There was more to it than that because money on its own has no meaning. It was about helping our clients understand what was important to them and putting the financial framework in place to help them achieve this. It was about helping our clients make time for the things they enjoy most such as spending time with family and friends and to feel confident that they were on track to a secure future.

We wanted to create a great work-life balance for our team and provide an environment for positive people, whatever their role in the firm, to want to come to work every morning. The idea of working for a large bank or “wealth manager” did not appeal at all.

We started the business because we believed that it would succeed, that it would be profitable and sustainable and that our team could feel proud of what they did every day. We wanted to create a business that would not only create value for the shareholders but could outlive the founders. We wanted to be one of the key drivers for change in the financial services industry, helping to turn it into a respected profession. We believed that what clients wanted from us was peace of mind and that as people’s circumstances and the world around them change all the time, this could be best achieved via an ongoing relationship.

This is why we started Evolve in 2004 and why it is going from strength to strength today.

If our beliefs resonate with you, please do get in touch with us on 0845 602 7875.

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