Many trusts and charities require advice in relation to the investment strategy to be employed in order to meet their investment objectives, obligations to beneficiaries and meet the requirements of the applicable legislation. E.g The Trustee Investment Act 2000.

Traditional investment advisers, stockbrokers and portfolio managers often provide expensive and/or pre-packaged solutions that are not tailored to the needs of the trust.

Our service provides an alternative approach and is designed for trusts and charities with £250,000 or more of invested assets, who want the following:

  • Clear alignment of trust aims with portfolio objectives
  • A tailored investment portfolio
  • A clearly defined investment policy statement
  • Regular investment reviews with a highly qualified and experienced investment planner
  • Detailed online reporting
  • Offline reporting
  • Dramatically reduced costs of investing

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The best way to contact us is to call on 0208 240 6511. A conversation with one of our Financial Life Planners will help you and us decide how our services are likely to be able to help you.